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Children have daily opportunities to write across all areas of the curriculum. This starts with mark making in YR R to sustained pieces of writing in YR 6. 

Our writing curriculum is based on the ‘Opening Doors’ series by Bob Cox, where the focus is on using challenging and quality exts as a stimulus, which can be accessed by all. Thus giving opportunities for depth and inclusion. Children then experience link texts to further embed their knowledge of a concept or theme and questions are structured to include all children in discussions. There is also a big focus on the vocabulary used in the texts, so children can explore, understand and use these words to enhance writing but also improve reading.

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How do we use challenging texts?

  • We use  a more challenging text with an increasing range of access and intervention strategies

  • We use visuals to deepen understanding and develop vocabulary, ideas and writing

  • We use challenging texts to read aloud and elicit responses

  • We use challenging texts to improve reading and comprehension 

  • We use challenging texts as the context for instruction, spag teaching and learning dialogues

The texts, by their mere nature, set a challenge for everybody (one which our children positively receive),     then it is up to us as teachers, to put in appropriate access strategies for children to be able to access. 

Children explore different concepts in a piece of text and then after exploring this in depth, they will create taster drafts. Children are given ambitious objectives, which focus their thinking. For example ‘How does Dickens use descriptive language to support meaning and themes? Teachers will then plan further support questions or greater depth questions to allow all children to access the learning.

Some strategies, they may use to encourage deeper thinking are:

  • Illustrations

  • Questions on post-its

  • What puzzles you?

  • What is the mood of the text/picture?

  • Present a sliver of text

  • Music/drama

  • Taster draft

  • Writing for Reading

  • Make Connections

  • Spot Themes

Children are given opportunities and so challenging texts are embraced and not feared. Please see examples of our wonderful written work below.