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Discovery RE Scheme Of Work - Discovery RE


At Wheatfield Primary School, the role of Religious Education gives children an opportunity to reflect on and learn from the faiths and beliefs of those around them. Our belief is that, using an enquiry-based model well, children’s critical thinking skills can be developed, their motivation to learn increased, and their knowledge and understanding of, and empathy with people and their beliefs, religious or otherwise, will be enhanced. This approach takes very seriously the philosophy that children are free to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief. RE does not try to persuade but rather to inform and develop the skills with which evaluation can take place.”

What does R.E. look like at our school? 

At Wheatfield Primary, we use Discovery RE, which has a four step enquiry based approach to learning. The key question for the enquiry is such that it demands an answer that weighs up ‘evidence’ and reaches a conclusion based on this. This necessitates children using their subject knowledge and applying it to the enquiry question, rather than this knowledge being an end in itself. Discovery RE focuses on critical thinking skills, on personal reflection into the child’s own thoughts and feelings, on growing subject knowledge and nurturing spiritual development.


  • What is my starting point (human experience) in my own world?

  • What do I need to KNOW about the world of religion to support my enquiry?

  • What is my answer to the enquiry?

  • How does this enquiry affect my position/starting point?

Children learn about Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

Discovery RE Scheme Of Work - Discovery RE

Overview Years F1/2 to Year 6