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At Wheatfield Primary School we understand the importance of having music in our lives.  Creating, performing and listening to music, makes us feel good and supports our emotional well-being and development. 

Wheatfiled Primary School is currently using The Charange Musical School Scheme. The Charanga Musical School Scheme ensures that all children across the school are being developed in the following musical skills:

  • Listening and Appraising
  • Creating
  • Performing
  • Singing
  • Musician instrument practise
  • Improvisation 

The Charnage Musical scheme allows music to be taught through different genres of music, which is tailored to the age and stage of the year group being taught. 

Charnage covers all areas of the national curriculum ensuring that learners revisit the interrelated dimensions of music: pulse, voice, pitch and rhythm- building up one previous learning skills.

Wheatfield Primary school also offers other music opportunities to help inspire, develop and challenge the children’s musical skills which are available for them throughout their school journey at our school.   These include an after school choir which gives the children additional singing opportunities within school.  The choir has done performances in and out of school. We also have Berkshire Masteros who come into Wheatfield Primary School to offer various private music lessons to our pupils who would like to take up this opportunity. 










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