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We love reading at Wheatfield Primary School! Children are immersed in reading at our school right from their first day at school. 

In Reception, phonics is taught daily through a variety of activities such as sound sorting, flashcards, games, word hunts and reading and writing.

In Key Stage One, phonics is taught everyday using structured sessions that follow a format of revisiting and reviewing previous learning, teaching new sounds, practising new sounds and applying them to their reading and writing. .

In Key Stage Two, children use the phonic knowledge they have acquired in Key Stage One in all elements of their reading and writing. 

Reading takes place for all children during the week through ‘Whole Class Reading’ sessions where children explore vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and sequence or summarise. They are exposed to a variety of texts including classics, poetry and non-fiction. In Reception, they read in small groups, which focus on reinforcing their phonic and high frequency word knowledge while also encouraging discussions and the learning of new vocabulary. 

Our reading books in school are phonic based and matched closely to the stage your child is currently working within. For example, if they are working within Phase 5, their books will contain words using digraphs such as ‘ay’ or split digraphs such as ‘a_e’ or ‘o_e. We use a variety of reading schemes to ensure our children have access to a wide range of texts such as poetry, fact books, diaries and narratives. 

If your child is finding reading difficult, additional support will be given. This may be in the form of additional reading hours in school, extra phonic sessions or small group work around reading and/or phonics. There are also many things you can do at home to support your child with their reading. Please see some of the links and ideas on this webpage or speak to your child’s class teacher for further ideas.

We have high expectations for our children’s reading at Wheatfield Primary School and aim for them to become reading ‘masters’. We adopt a mastery approach to reading which means that we believe all of our children can and will read, should experience and enjoy reading and are able to think critically and apply their knowledge in a wide range of contexts or to a wide range of genres. We ensure that every child is read to by an adult each day and this is done through protected time where the teacher reads a class novel. Children are encouraged to review these books and share them in various ways e.g. Twitter or with the author.

Every half-term, they will write reviews of their favourite books to share with you all.

 Book Reviews 08/11/21


Cogheart Adventures Series (Vol 1-4) 4 Books Collection Set by Peter Bunzl: Peter Bunzl, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl, 978-1474915007,  1474915000, 9781474915007, Moonlocket by Peter Bunzl, 978-1474915014,  1474915019, 9781474915014, Skycircus ... The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family: Muhammad, Ibtihaj, Ali, S.  K., Aly, Hatem: 9780316519007: Books

Asha & the Spirit Bird: winner of the Costa Children's Book Award 2019 :  Bilan, Jasbinder: Books The Girl who Speaks Bear eBook : Anderson, Sophie, Kathrin Honesta: Kindle Store The Girl Who Stole an Elephant by Nizrana Farook | Waterstones Look Up! by Nathan Bryon, Dapo Adeola | Waterstones