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E-safety information for pupils

Using the Internet can be a great way to find out information and it can also be lots of fun. However it is very important to stay safe online.



Secret and Safe - Always keep your name, address, phone numbers and passwords secret.  If you have to use an online name, make one up.


Meet - Don’t ever arrange to meet up with someone you have met online – it could be dangerous.  If you do, make sure you have a parent or carer with you.


Accepting - No matter how tempted you may be, never open emails from people you don’t know.  Junk emails (spam) may contain nasty messages or viruses which could mess up your computer.


Remember - Chatting and meeting people online can be fun, but always remember that people might not be who they say they are.  Never give out personal information, stick to the public areas of chat rooms and, if you ever feel uncomfortable, GET OUT.


Tell - If anything that happens online makes you feel uncomfortable or worried – always tell a parent or carer about it.


If you see anything online that you think you shouldn't be seeing and worries you, you can report it to CEOP or please tell a grown-up.