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Escher Class

Welcome to 

Escher Class of 2021


This is an exciting year for you all as you enter the last year of Primary. We have lots of great things that we can look forward to and it is a chance for each of you to look to take on new responsibilities and chances. 

This year Escher class teacher is Mr Tarry.

Working alongside Mr Tarry are two of our amazing assosiate staff members Mrs Humphrey and Mrs Wade and who are all here to help and support you so if you need any help then please do speak to one of them. 

Reading Books.

Reading books can be changed as often as necessary, either when they have confidently completed and discussed a book at home or with an adult at school. 

Children will need to leave their reading book and reading diary in the designated book box (they will know where!) when they arrive in the morning and then their reading book will be changed.

Please click here for a guide of recommended reading books for Year 6.

PE days 

PE days for the Spring Term are Monday and Thursdays. On PE days, children ares asked to wear their school PE kit to school.

Please can we ask if your child has their ear piecered that these are removed on PE days.


Please click here to view the Statutory word list for Years 5 and 6

Children can practise their spellings on Spelling Shed:- 


Don't forget to practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars: hhtps://


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SATS Practice Papers

SATs papers are available from the website below. You should be practicing answering this type of question.

Follow the links below for different revision activities.









Escher Class Poem

What you need to be warm


A silky cat to cuddle beside you and your frozen body,

A comfy cushion made by the careful hands of great aunt Peggy, 

A beam, a laugh, a hug as you watch the raging storm 

by the crackling fire.


A loving embrace to relieve you from the cold 

A fuzzy fluffy friend given by a close relative

A lively dog a cosy sofa a friendly face as you come in from the bitter cold


A toasty meal to heat up your suffering stomach 

A pair of thick socks made by your dearly loved 

A cheeky grin, a cheery laugh, a true friend as you trudge back to your cosy fireplace with a grin on your face 


A toasty smore to heat your icy and sticky hands.

A rainbow onesie made by your mother's love and care.

A smile, a laugh, a kiss to heat the frozen ice that built up on your skin.


A pair of thick socks to sink through the gaps of my toes, 

A knitted blanket made from my mother's patience and love,

A smile, a delicate kiss, a trusted friend to thaw my frozen thoughts and embrace my icy skin.


A toasty blanket to heat up your frost covered feet.

A velvety, rich hot chocolate made by your mummy’s balmy hands.

A hug , a smile, a relaxing snuggle when you come in from the frozen forest later that evening.


A snuggly blanket to relieve you from the frostbite. 

A hot dog given by your dad's caring hands. 

A blanket, a hot dog, a tv as you sit down out of the ice cold forest.


A warm cabin with hot cocoa and more to relax 

Your spine chilling of a blizzard breeze.   

Warm old snow clothes made by your family tree 

A fire, a kiss, a hut, as you walk in from the icicle palace of the snow king's trees. 

You feel safe, calm and relaxed.


A scorching coat to protect you from the misery of the cold. 

Love. Given by the ones who will never let you go.

Fire, a friend, hope as you tremble in frost's domain.


A flaming fireplace covered in a web,

and a mug of hot chocolate on the ledge,

to wrap up warm during winter.

A friend, a family member, an act of kindness to fight your fears away.


A toasty blanket to heat your freezing body. 

A heated, comforting hot chocolate, given by your mother’s love. Friendship, a smile, a toasty hug as you touch the freezing snow, you feel ice tingling your skin.


A toasty fire to heat your frozen frosty hands.

A cosy woolly jumper made by your sweet, caring grandmother.

A cheerful laugh, a sting of joy, a happy hug when you need a friend to lighten up your day. 


A velvety and rich hot chocolate to melt all your frozen worries away

A woolly hat made by my mother's cunning fingers

A hug, a smile, a jolly chuckle as you walk into Santa’s Grotto. 


A snuggly blanket to heat you ice cold feet,

A pair of boots made by your brother. And mother.

A hat, a scarf, a pair of gloves for when you,

Are out in the ice-covered forest.


Fluffy socks to toast your toes.

A huge, cosy coat made by your dad’s strong hands. 

A smile, a laugh, a cute fuzzy cat as the beaming sun goes down.


A heated towel to toast your chilly feet,

A woolly hat made by your mother's gentle fingers,

A smile, A friend A laugh as you,

Walk in through the frozen world outside.


A cosy blanket to heat your frozen body.

A frothy hot chocolate.

A smile, a hug, a kiss as you talk with your best friend.


A fuzzy cat to cuddle with

Giving you a warm loving radiation of heat

A toasty hug given by a close relative

A smile, a kiss by your caring mother on your frosty cheeks

As you walk in from the immense cold.


A touch of happiness to heat my chilled heart.

A creamy hot chocolate with thick, rosy marshmallows, made with my mother’s love.

A kiss, an embrace, a loving family for support when you come home from the frosty outdoors.


A feeling of love to heal my soul 

A rich hot chocolate made by my mother's frozen fingers

A hug a smile a kiss from your grandmother's soft lips

As I sit on the velvety sofa, I watch the crackling fire fill the air with crimson embers.


A crackling campfire to relieve your grubby and numb fingers.

An enticing sizzling beverage made your beloved mother.Or a close friend.

An embrace, a giggle, a sense of belonging as you 

Enter or abandon the abundant amount of smothered white dust.


A toasty warm fireplace to push against your frozen dry body as            

The steaming soup pushes gently against your lips 

A hug, a laugh, a trusted friend to heat your cold numb fingers 

Against your skin.


A burning fire to melt the frost off your frozen hands.

A tasty hot chocolate made with a pinch of your mother's love. 

A smile, a hug, a fluffy blanket to keep you nice and toasty. 

And a soft pet to keep you happy. 


A thick blanket to warm your soul.

A delicious soup for you frosted fingers 

A cheerful laugh, A warm embrace, A twinkling smile for when the bitter wind blows in your face.


A broad smile to wash your worries away

A toasty mug of hot chocolate made by your mother's tired hands

Joy, happiness, a heart-warming embrace as you stomp heavily through the thick snow. 


A roaring fire to thaw your frozen limbs 

A woolly scarf woven by your mother's speedy hands. 

A warm beverage, a cosy blanket, and a comforting hug. 

As you try to thaw out your frozen bones from the harsh, polar winds. 

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