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Spectacular Science!

At Wheatfield Primary School we aim to stimulate a child’s curiosity in finding out why things happen in the way they do. We encourage the children to ask scientific questions, lead their own investigations and to start to appreciate the way in which science shapes the world around us. Our curriculum is organised into topics specific for each year group and allows the children to build on knowledge and skills so that learning shows clear progression as the children grow.

Wheatfield Primary School also take part in British Science week which is held every year and as a school we celebrate by holding a Science Fair competition where children partake in conducting a scientific experiment of their choosing. These projects are always very impressive and the rest of the school, including parents and carers, get the opportunity to visit the children's work and find out some interesting facts!

Please click on the links below to understand enquiry types and coverage across year groups.

You can view the school's Science policy by clicking here.

Science whole school curriculum overview can be viewed by clicking here 

Science Rationale and National Curriculum Coverage can be found by clicking here .

Fun Science Links to help with learning in school. 

Here are some useful and fun websites that can help your children understand more about what they are learning in school or give them an opportunity to have some Science fun! 

Useful websites: