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Wheatfield Primary School's Unique Selling Point (USP): Creative Arts

Here at Wheatfield, our Unique Selling Point (USP) is that we celebrate the Arts- including music, dance, art, drama, film and theatre. Our curriculum is designed to celebrate these mediums and immerse our children in a creative style of learning. Teachers look for opportunities to use the Arts in their lessons. This could be Zeus role-play in the Year 3 topic of Greek Gods and Goddesses or visiting drama teachers or dance workshops for our children.

There are weekly music lessons taught by staff so all children hear a wide range of musical genres while being introduced to the correct musical vocabulary. Every day starts with music and children could be listening to musicals one week and reggae the next! We also currently have our growing school choir and an independent music tutor who offers 1:1 ukulele and keyboard lessons.

Art lessons allow children to develop their knowledge of artists, sculptures and a range of different art techniques and mediums. These include pottery, 3D models and outdoor sculptures.

We are committed to providing our children with a range of experiences and during their time at school musicians, dancers and poets will visit them. They will also have the chance to visit theatres and experience a live show! We also welcome the talents of our parents and so far we have had a pianist and singers perform for our children.

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Our classes are named after Artists: Our House Teams are named after Authors:
Reception – Goldsworthy 1. Shakespeare
Year 1 - Kandinsky 2. Morpurgo
Year 2 - O'Keeffe 3. Dahl
Year 3 - Monet 4. Donaldson
Year 4 - Hockney  
Year 5 - Lowry  
Year 6 - Escher