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Feedback and Comments from Parents and Carers

parent survey

We recently carried out a survey which was completed by Parents and Carers of Wheatfield Primary School and one of the things we asked was:

"List 3 brilliant things about our school"

These are some of the responses we received:

Well organised- I'm confident things are managed well

Environment is fun and safe

Head Mistress

New school and facilities

The ethos

Positive atmosphere

It is inclusive, everyone is included equally

All the adults are polite and children will easily learn good manners from them

A visible, freindly and approachable Head Teacher

Great communication with parents

The Head and Assistant Head are very personable and capable, I always have confidence in them

The staff and their friendly, approachable manner.

Standard of education

Strong teachers/head that know what they want and expect from the children

Holistic care for our kids

The way the children learn with different activities keeps them so interested and excited to learn

Executive Head Teacher's vision and passion to succeed

The staff are caring, kind and extremely professional

Happy and safe environment

Friendly teachers and staff

Small school, inclusive learning enviroment

Teachers are inspiring and hardworking

The management and care of the school by the Academy

There is a home school link worker who is very approchable


The atmosphere

The staff are so committed, diligent and friendly

I like the homework which helps the children to think and work

Caring, friendly and warm environment for our children to learn

The sense of community and belonging

Great direction and leadership from Head Teacher

The open door policy, I always feel my opinion counts and I am listened to

Happy smiles on all the children's faces

The curriculum

The school itself (it has such a welcoming atmosphere and everything us so clean and new)

The activities the children get involved with

The class sizes are really good in comparison to other local primary schools, in that they are small and every pupil is well looked after

Facilities i.e. Kitchen for cookery, library

Forward thinking - on line learning tool and approaches to children's learning e.g. Activities inside and outside use of yoga and relaxation techniques, good and bad choices etc

The extra-curricular opportunities for everyone. e.g. Workshops, trips, visits, etc.

A firm headteacher and deputy who have the childrens education as their number one priority

Reading, Writing, Art and Craft

Parental Support

Excellent teaching (evident in great progress of our child)

The children are happy

The way the school is like a big family

Children are encouraged to be individual and have their own ambition

Celebrate success well

The communication the school has with parents is fantastic.



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