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Tuesday 2nd April 2019 - PSA Meeting 7.30pm

Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Summer Discos (times tbc)

Thursday 6th June 2019 - Bag2School Collection, 9am

Saturday 22nd June 2019 - Summer Family Fun Day (time tbc)


2nd April 2019 PSA Minutes 2nd April 2019.pdf
26th Feb 2019 PSA Minutes 26th Feb 2019.pdf
21st Jan 2019 PSA Minutes 21st Jan 2019.pdf
13th Nov 2018 PSA AGM Minutes 13th Nov 2018.pdf
17th Sept 2018 PSA Minutes 17th Sept 2018.pdf
12th June 2018 PSA minutes 12th June 2018.pdf
20th February 2018 PSA minutes 20th February 2018.pdf
9th January 2018 PSA minutes 9th January 2018.pdf
14th November 2017 PSA AGM Minutes 14th November 2017.pdf
3rd October 2017 PSA_Minutes 3rd October 2017.pdf
19th June 2017 PSA Minutes 19 June 2017.pdf
23rd May 2017 PSA Minutes 23rd May 2017.pdf
17th January 2017 PSA Minutes 17th January 2017.pdf
15th November 2016 PSA AGM Minutes 15th Nov 2016.pdf
3rd October 2016 PSA Minutes 3rd October 2016.pdf
13th June 2016 PSA Minutes 13 June 2016.pdf
24th May 2016 PSA Minutes 24 May 2016.pdf
25th April  2016 PSA Minutes 25 April 2016.pdf
22nd March 2016 PSA Minutes 22 March 2016.pdf
23rd February 2016   PSA Minutes 23 February 2016.pdf
19th January 2016 PSA Minutes 19 January 2016.pdf
14th December 2015 PSA Minutes 14 December 2015.pdf    
24th November 2015   PSA AGM Minutes 24 November 2015.pdf
3rd November 2015 PSA Minutes 3rd November 2015.pdf
29th September 2015 PSA Minutes 29th September 2015.pdf  
30th April 2015  PSA Minutes 30 April 2015.pdf
4th March 2015  PSA Minutes 4 March 2015.pdf
24th February 2015   PSA AGM Minutes 24 February 2015.pdf
22nd January 2015 PSA Minutes 22 January 2015.pdf
20th November 2014 PSA Minutes 20 November 2014.pdf