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At Wheatfield Primary School we aim to inspire all children to reach their full academic potential.  In Mathematics this means ensuring a curriculum that is fully inclusive of all which develops children's knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts whilst enabling them to apply their skills effectively.

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. The games which are against the clock challenge and develop a child's mental maths skills.

Maths 1

Designed for 6 to 11 years olds, the activities can be matched to appropriate mathematical ability. Regular use of Hit the Button can help children to sharpen their recall of vital number facts in a fun way and learning multiplication tables need not be boring.


Maths 2

Maths Chase is a completely free site where you can quickly test your times tables. The site is a very simple game and kids will find it a really fun way to learn their times tables.

Maths 3


Maths 4

Helping your child with maths.pdf

Maths 5

http://Number Crunchers maths website.pdf


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