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Kandinsky Class Bikeability

Our Kandinsky class children had fun when Bikeability visited and they learnt cycling skills. Children gathered in the MUGA with their bicycles and cycle helmets, the coach told the children the importance of always wearing a cycle helmet and ensured everyone had theirs on correctly.

WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_053   WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_048


WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_020  WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_011


WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_008   WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_013


WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_003   WBC Scooters 13.02.2020_033

Children practiced balancing with their legs off the peddles and cycled balancing hoops on their heads.  A course was set out which the children peddled around keeping within the cones.