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Goldsworthy Trip to Braywick Nature Centre

Tree spotting and bug hunting were the order of the day when Goldsworthy Class visited Braywick Nature Centre.


   IMG_6067        IMG_6069

The sun was shining when our children started their day learning about the trees in the park. Did you know that Monday Puzzle trees were around at the time of the dinosaurs?

They then got a chance to use fantastic butterfly nets to catch lots of exciting bugs that the had never seen before. There were so many different colours, shapes and sizes and Alistar, the Centre's Ranger, knew so many facts about them.

As the day ended the pond was their next destination where sticklebacks, froglets and even bloodworms were caught. 

IMG_6070 IMG_6130

IMG_6078 IMG_6082 IMG_6079

IMG_6084 IMG_6089

IMG_6092 IMG_6100


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What a fantastic day for a minibeast adventure!