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Sponsored Zumba Dance


Trainers, leg warmers and headbands were everywhere at Wheatfield last Friday 6th May, as all our children took part in a sponsored Zumba.  They were raising money to go towards an amazing Creative Arts Week which is taking place in June!

They shimmied and shook to energetic Latin music and did a 30 minute Zumba Dance workout, lots of money was raised!

IMG_5662 IMG_5659

IMG_3608 IMG_3607

IMG_5921 IMG_5920

IMG_5915 IMG_5914

IMG_3586 IMG_3583

IMG_5912 IMG_5906

IMG_5901 IMG_5895

IMG_5891 IMG_5890

IMG_5888 IMG_5666

It was great fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, thank you and well done children!