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Shakespeare Day Celebrations!

On Friday 21st April, the children of Wheatfield Primary School celebrated the life and work of Shakespeare with a wonderful day of drama, art, poetry and music.


Our school's unique selling point is that we are a creative arts school and we even name our house teams after famous authors. One of these is Shakespeare so what a great way to learn more about him!

The focus for our day was his play 'The Tempest'. During the week the children were read the story of Prospero and Ariel and on Friday we were ready to begin!


Children started their day by learning some cool facts about this famous 'Bard' and then they were ready.

First stop was the hall, where Miss Thake was ready with her drama session. Children climbed aboard a ship in the eye of the storm and explored their emotions!

IMG_5750 IMG_5739 IMG_5735 IMG_5727 IMG_5725 IMG_5715 IMG_5714 IMG_5698 IMG_5691

Music was next and the sound of 'Vivaldi' could be heard across the school. This inspired the children to compose their own stormy music and perform to the rest of their team!

Capture 1

Capture 5

A calmer activity next as children shared their wonderful writing skills in a storm inspired poetry lesson!

IMG_5649 IMG_5648 IMG_5647 IMG_5646

To end the day, children looked at paintings that depicted 'The Tempest' and then used watercolours to create their own!

What an amazing day they all had!