Part of the Glyn Academies Trust

Mission Statement, Aims and Values

Together we learn, achieve and succeed


School Aims

We want our children to be;

Life long learners equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve well in all they do. We will provide a rich, exciting and motivating curriculum that will capture children’s imagination and inquisitiveness which in turn will develop a thirst for learning and a curiosity to know more.

Risk takers with a ‘have a go attitude’ when faced with opportunities and challenge. We will create a secure environment where children feel safe to make mistakes and learn from them, where we push children beyond their comfort zone and help them achieve more than they think they ever could.

Integral to their local community- school, Winnersh and Wokingham and have a positive impact on the local, national and global world around them.

We will provide opportunities for all children to actively participate and contribute to the life of the school, the community and our worldwide neighbours.

Good role models who are respectful, fair and compassionate.

We will ensure a supportive environment where children can develop respect for themselves, others and their surroundings resulting in pride in themselves, their peers and their school and who are equipped to meet the changes in their life ahead.